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Tea Culture

The Brand

Tea culture; every leaf is handpicked with care and tastes authentic that will melt in your mouth. They are dedicated to providing the best loose-leaf tea and making their business renowned from the valleys to the sea.

The Ask

Tea Culture is an extraordinary brand, handcrafted with fine products. To bring the essence of it we strategically made the visuals reflect the brand's foreseen beauty.

The Approach

Tea has found a home in every Indian's heart. The rich heritage and the brand's idea intrigued us.

The shoot was done with a fusion of a bright colour palette and radiant lights. The minimal yet intricate shoot expands the idea of tea as a refreshing warm beverage.

The blend of its origin and plantation is eminent through the brand's frontier. The bright colours playing on the primary palette exhibit the refreshing aura of tea and the brand.

Pick up your jar of tea culture and explore the reviving spirit of tea in the comfort of your home.

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